Social Media Experts

        "If you make a customer unhappy they won't tell five         friends, they'll tell 5,000 friends."
                                                 ~ Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

        But an unhappy parent or grandparent will tell not only         their 5,000 friends, they will also tell 10,000 other         people they don’t even particularly like!



Social Media Expert?

Expert ~ one who has a high degree of knowledge or skill in a particular field.

If that’s you… read on!




Q: Do I have to have a college degree (in social media or another area) to work for the IBW?

A:  No. Certainly education is a good thing; but intrinsic qualities, as well as character and personal values, are equally important. [Return to question list.]

Q: Would I be working on the overall IBW social media strategy?

A:  Yes and No. We have need of people to execute the overall IBW strategies and branding. We also need social media experts who desire to work one-on-one with IBW Authors and other IBW Creatives in support of the personal social media strategy created for each. [Return to question list.]

Q: Would I be handling a variety of social media or focusing on one, such as Facebook or Pinterest or Twitter?

A:  Yes, those three are the main ones. Certainly you will be encouraged to develop your own ideas and approaches to advance your career with IBW. [Return to question list.]

Q: Would my job be to coach individual IBW authors in how to use social media to promote themselves, or to promote the IBW itself by drumming up social media interest in it?

A:  You will not be asked to *train* anyone. You will be expected to help IBW Authors and Creatives with the *best practices* for promotion, exposure and the visibility of the IBW brand. If you work with authors and creatives, your work will be of a more personal interaction. [Return to question list.]

Q: How many individual authors would I work with?

A:  Initially, one. Then, as you become more comfortable with the work, goals and objectives, you may wish to take-on a second or third creative. Perhaps your first creative is an author, the second, an animator, and the third, a musician. Great way to gain valuable experience in multiple creative areas! [Return to question list.]

Q: What are my options if a particular author and I don’t “click,” or if the author doesn’t follow through?

A:  While we do our best to make a match made in heaven, sometimes relationships fail. A resolution would be reached to satisfy both parties; no blame will be assessed. [Return to question list.]

Q: Does IBW have specific social media goals, e.g. exposure on X-number of blogs; X-number of Tweets per week; X-number of Facebook postings per month?

A:  We do have specific goals and strategies. We also provide LOADS of content for use in accomplishing these. We are less interested in POSTING NUMBERS than we are in RESULTS. What are results? We will be happy to share with you our vision! With IBW, you will always know what is expected of you ~ no guesswork involved! [Return to question list.]

Q: What about compensation?

A:  IBW policy is that every creative involved in a product receives royalty and IP equity (back-end profit-sharing, such as licensing, merchandising, etc.). This policy also applies to our social media folks! (We call you IBW Ambassadors!) We feel that, if we treat IBW Ambassadors in a way that makes them want to stay with us, we have a more dedicated, cohesive team. That’s what we want! So we show you the respect you deserve, beginning with compensation like everyone else receives~ royalty and IP equity. [Return to question list.]


If considering applying with IBW, please watch this video.   


If you and the child within are best buddies,

please do apply to be an IBW Ambassador!



What to include in your initial email to IBW:

1) In SUBJECT LINE:  Last Name, First Name followed by the *skill* you possess.
        EX:  SMITH, JOHN ~ Social Media

2) In the EMAIL TEXT, a short intro, with links to your work. (If you haven’t any links, complete application by answering questions below and wait for our contact re: how to receive a sample of your work. Please do not attach files to email. They will not be opened.)

3) In the EMAIL TEXT, please answer the following 6 inquiries. Please number your responses accordingly. Yes, you may skip any questions you feel uncomfortable answering.

Your responses will help us determine if you would enjoy the IBW culture.

Please tell us about you! Tell us...

  1. Read the quote in the upper left-hand corner of this page. Explain Mr. Bezos’ remark. Then share your understanding of the second statement regarding parents and grandparents.
  2. Tell us about a child in your life. Include relationship (your own child, grandchild, niece/nephew, babysitting, teacher, etc.) as well as a special time you spent together, or an accomplishment they made via your help.
  3. THREE insights about your personal desire to be a social media expert for promoting and marketing children’s books, educational and entertainment products.
  4. THREE of your best personal qualities (those which your friends and family say about you!) that you will bring to the success of raising the profile of children’s products and well-being.
  5. THREE *fun* things to know about you (what you like and/or like to do, things you have accomplished, something you like to do with friends, family).
  6. TWO of your career goals and TWO of your personal goals.