After years of losing market share and sagging sales,
it may be time for small and mid-size companies
to reconsider how to market children’s IPs




If your IP has a story begging to be told,
IBW welcomes the opportunity to work in partnership with
owners of unique and innovative properties.



A new property that comes with its own

successful book series attached ~

gets the attention of   …well, just about everybody!


Add to the book series, animated shorts

and music videos with songs crafted specifically

to engage children with the IP…


NOW, you’ve got the attention of EVERYBODY!


IBW is an innovative way to market/brand/create new digital revenue streams that provides high visibility across multiple digital platforms with minimal, or, even no cash output.


IBW books can help you…

  Establish extra revenue streams created through publishing.

  Expand IPs into characters and stories for greater licensing potential.

  Ensure your brand’s publishing future without loss of control or revenue.

  Explore new product introduction with minimal investment.

  Extend your brand through products, such as music videos.

  Exhibit a brand’s educational potential.

  Exceed competitors with IBW-VTC literacy.

  Escort readers and their parents to your “play” site or virtual world.

  Engage readers with games and educational content containing your IPs.


As you consider whether a partnership with IBW might benefit your IP, here are some things we have heard before:






Q:  Will IBW license my company’s IPs?   

A:   No. While licensing is a smart strategy for your brand, IBW is not licensing IPs. (Neither do we license the IBW to independent producers.) We prefer to work in a collaborative, equitable profit-sharing agreement. This means you still own your licensing rights as well as the future possibilities of such. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Is IBW some kind of software or platform format?

A:  No. The IBW is not a software program, but a storytelling process. The IBW is a content format. IBW is a new genre of storytelling. [Return to question list.]

Q:  What can a book series do for my IP?

A:  For young audiences, a book series creates the foundation for children’s internalization of a product. Such as, a child may play with a toy initially but, what keeps the child involved with the toy is the story. Who the character is, how they sound, things they say, the adventures they have had. This is why toys, so often, spring from TV shows. There’s no reason shows cannot spring from toys with their own amazing book series!


A book series brands an IP. Series provide ongoing storylines with an ever-expanding cast of characters! New characters are not only new licensing opportunities, but the book series becomes the very marketing platform for launching those IPs. [Return to question list.]

Q:  I think our IPs can do just fine without a book series.

A:  Certainly opinions differ. But, perhaps, you have heard this phrase used in a press release: “New animation show… based upon the book series…” [Return to question list.]

Q:  We did a book. Didn’t sell very well at all.

A:  Just doing a book isn’t enough to ensure a book will sell. If you plan on the book cumulating in new customers for your IP, it requires more than just doing a book. To reap rewards from books or apps, you need a digital publisher who can help develop your digital content-integration strategy. [Return to question list.]

Q:  How can IBW products help me launch a new IP?

A:  IBW Multimedia e-books can be timed as a co-release with new products. In addition, your product benefits from IBW’s marketing, social media, discovery profile, distribution networks and daily VTC opportunities for wide-spread exposure. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Why do you want to establish partnerships?

A:  The digital marketplace is causing companies to flail-about, as they try to figure-out exactly what is the digital marketplace. If a company does not DEFINE its own digital marketplace, it will soon fall victim to a digital marketplace as DEFINED by those that have multitudes of resources and money to set the bar way too high for smaller companies to touch. Those interested in not only surviving but thriving in the digital marketplace, will NEED partnerships like those we propose. [Return to question list.]

Q:  What type of IPs do you prefer for partnerships?

A:  There is no one kind of IP that interests us more. We look at the integrity of the IP for its capacity for expansion with the support of a strong book series. However, some things that interest us are toys, plushies, musicians/bands with unique children’s appeal, children’s theatre troupes, puppeteers with puppet properties, webisode and live-show series. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Give me an example of an IBW partnership.

A:  Sorry, but not over the internet. It would be like broadcasting your business plan to the world! If interested to know more, drop an email. Tell us a little about your company and your IP. Is it an existing IP or a new concept? If in the market, what product(s) exists? And a link to where we can see the IPs. We will be in touch! [Return to question list.]