“Language competence is at the root of social competence. Musical experience strengthens
the capacity to be verbally competent.”

            ~ Dr. Kyle Pruett, Yale School of Medicine




Children LOVE Music!


IBW storytelling LOVES Music, too!



Children’s music is the only style of music we need at this time.


We also need musicians or bands who would like to match-up with songwriters.


(If you are also a songwriter, please mention it when applying.)



We are beginning a new project which requires musical supplementation.


Each song will be made into an animated music video. You will receive credit.


Compensation is royalty and IP equity (back-end profit-sharing).


And you will receive a PR/social media consultant

to help brand you as an IBW Creative.


Where do you sign-up? For now, simply apply and we will be in-touch.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



If considering applying with IBW, please watch this video.



If you and the child within are best buddies,

please do apply to be an IBW Creative!





What to include in your initial email to IBW:


1) In SUBJECT LINE:  Last Name, First Name followed by the *skill* you possess.

EX:  SMITH, JOHN ~ Musician/Band


2) In EMAIL TEXT, a short intro, with links to your work. (If you haven’t any links, complete application by answering questions below and wait for our contact re: how to receive a sample of your work. Please do not attach files to email. They will not be opened.)


3) In the EMAIL TEXT, please answer the following 5 inquiries. Brief 2-3 sentence answers are fine. Please number your responses accordingly.  Yes, you may skip any questions you feel uncomfortable answering.


Your responses will help us determine if you would enjoy the IBW culture.



Please tell us about you! Tell us...

  1. About your passion (3-5 sentences)
  2. THREE facts about your desire to be a children's musician
  3. THREE of your best personal qualities (those which your friends and family say about you!)
  4. THREE *fun* things to know about you (what you like and/or like to do, things you have accomplished, something you like to do with friends, family)
  5. TWO of your career goals and TWO of your personal goals