Every child’s first literacy is art.
IBW-VTC™ helps children develop
proficiency in their native language.

                           ~ IBW Multimedia




Should YOU be an IBW Illustrator?


IBW-VTC™ uses highly engaging visuals to teach children visual text comprehension skills. IBW-VTC requires stunning characters, amazingly detailed images and exquisite visual storytelling.



If this sounds like your approach to your art…


Please review the following FAQs… and apply to create art for us!





Q:  I’m an illustrator. I don’t do animation. Can I still work for the IBW?

A:  Yes. We often need designs for the animators. All illustrators are artists but not all animators. When we discover an amazing animator who doesn’t draw so well we want to supply him/her with an amazing illustrator. We believe that art for children is a very distinct style. We want people who are accomplished in creating visuals for kids! That’s a children’s illustrator. [Return to question list.]

Q:  What sort of characters do you want designed, e.g. people, animals, plants, non-living things such as robots, etc.?

A:  Yes! All depends upon the project. You apply only for those projects that fall within your creative strengths. [Return to question list.]


Q:  What categories of books do you have, e.g. fiction, nonfiction, fairytales, science fiction, historical, fantasy, science, etc.?

A:  Yes. We have singles and series. We also have a new genre called IBW nonfiction-fiction. [Return to question list.]

Q:  What age range is the audience?

A:  IBW titles are leveled at 2-5 years, 4-6 yrs, 6-8 yrs and 9-12 yrs. This is to align with both reading skills and our IBW-VTC™ curriculum. [Return to question list.]

Q:  What is VTC again?

A:  VTC is the acronym for visual text comprehension. IBW-VTC teaches visual literacy skills. This is another reason we need illustrators who are detail-oriented and pursue their art as visual storytelling. [Return to question list.]

Q:  What format must submissions be in?

A:  Well, let’s begin with the word digital. We appreciate most illustrators haven’t a long history creating digitally. We will accommodate that as much as possible. Just think of it: Can I scan my art into a digital file? That’s where we will begin. [Return to question list.]

Q:  How do I find out what your needs are for character design?

A:  VTC Projects are posted regularly. (On our homepage, click the box IBW Projects for IBW Creatives.) Also, once your abilities become known to us, we will contact you directly with projects for which we feel you are a great match. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Can I expect anything but a one-and-gone project?

A:  One-and gone is NOT our approach. Our approach is to discover the best illustrators for our visual storytelling needs—and keep them! Working on-going with artists who know what we need for the IBW-VTC curriculum ensures the quality of our visuals. [Return to question list.]

Q:  How many illustrators do you need? What’s the level of competition?

A:  First, we do not open-up projects to the world-at-large. (That tremendously narrows the competition!) We accept applications, review an illustrator's *fit* for our company, and declare you an IBW CREATIVE! Yes, membership does have its privileges. [Return to question list.]


Q:  Do you offer series work?

A:  Yes. Our approach for every IBW series is to have a SERIES ILLUSTRATOR. It is essential that the series’ *visual world* maintains continuity as characters and storylines evolve. A series illustrator is the quality controller for the look of the visual storytelling. [Return to question list.]

Q:  I have ideas for characters that would make a great series. But I’m not a writer. Do you have any IBW writers looking for a collaborator?

A:  We encourage IBW Creatives to seek collaboration with other IBW Creatives. (On our homepage, see the box IBW Creatives seeking IBW Creatives.) We support a team-approach to creating original stories, series, music videos and short animations. Once you become an approved IBW Creative, you may submit concepts, as well as art, for consideration by the IBW editorial staff and for collaboration with your fellow creatives.  

Also, for illustrators, we have an opportunity wherein you submit an assortment of art which will be made available to all authors for their brainstorming of possible story concepts. [Return to question list.]

Q:  What about compensation?

A:  Our policy is this: You contribute creatively to a product, you receive royalty and IP equity profit-sharing. As well, to help establish additional revenue streams for artists, we maintain an Art Asset Management Program (AAMP) for the pursuit of licensing opportunities apart from IBW products, such as game developers and educational apps. [Return to question list.]


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So, thinking about applying?

Then, here is one more thing to consider. Please watch this video.

If you and the child within are best buddies,

please apply to be an IBW Creative!


What to include in your initial email to IBW:

1) In SUBJECT LINE: Last Name, First Name followed by the *skill* you possess.
        EX: SMITH, JOHN ~ Illustrator

2) In the EMAIL TEXT, a short intro, with links to your work. (If you haven’t any links or online portfolio, complete application by answering questions below and wait for our contact re: how we wish to receive a sample of your work. Please do not attach files to email. They will not be opened.)

3) In the EMAIL TEXT, please answer the following 5 inquiries. Brief 2-3 sentence answers are fine. Please number your responses accordingly. Yes, you may skip any questions you feel uncomfortable answering.

Your responses will help us determine if you would enjoy the IBW culture.

Please tell us about you! Tell us...

  1. About your passion (3-5 sentences)
  2. THREE facts about your desire to be an illustrator, such as your earliest remembrances of wanting to be an artist, encouraging times, disappointments, a mentor or teacher’s inspiration, etc.
  3. THREE of your best personal qualities (those which your friends and family say about you!)
  4. THREE *fun* things to know about you (what you like and/or like to do, things you have accomplished, something you like to do with friends, family)
  5. TWO of your career goals and TWO of your personal goals


P.S. If you are a SCBWI member, let us know and include your region.