Game Developers

The apps gold-rush is nearing its end. More than half of revenues now go to 25 developers. Discoverability is a particular issue
given huge inventories.

                                      ~ Canalys Analysts House



Think your app is one in a million?

One in a billion?

Well, it is!

Just one in a billion.



The current economic model is unsustainable as the children’s marketplace is quickly becoming bloated with low quality products. Unfortunately, this overcrowding also makes it nearly impossible for independent developers with good apps to succeed.

Enter the next phase of the gold-rush: children’s TV show and animation veterans are beginning their own companies. For these veterans, quality stories, art, video, animation, voice-over talent and music is available at the post of an industry ad.

In their offices stand venture capitalists, desperate to get into the children’s marketplace, writing checks for millions (and millions).

What is the last, best hope
for the independent app developer?


With all the new players

More Important Than Ever





Here are some FAQs:





Q:    Is IBW a tech start-up?

A:    No, IBW is a digital publishing company. [Return to question list.]

Q:    Do you plan to run the tech production?

A:    No, we are a CONTENT company. We KNOW all things children’s content. We don’t know YOUR job and we know that.


       However, we could offer you insights regarding story, character
  development, child development alignment to play-design, as well
  as learning and comprehension targets. Do we hope you would be
  receptive to our insights? Yes.


       (Did you know that learning readiness standards have been revised recently for “what a child needs to know” BEFORE entering kindergarten?) [Return to question list.]

Q:    Don’t parents want to buy from the BIG publishers?

A:    Parents want to buy the best educational and entertaining titles for their children. BIG doesn’t mean BETTER to parents.


        Right now, the Big Publishers are still trying to figure-out the marketplace. Right now, the Big Publishers are as vulnerable as they will ever be. New digital publishers with an innately combined tech and literary savvy have the greatest opportunity they will ever have, right now.


       Right now is a GREAT time to be a digital publisher with a new storytelling format that includes a FREE VTC curriculum! Enter IBW-VTC™! [Return to question list.]

Q:    How can IBW improve an independent developer’s odds for survival in the marketplace?

A:    Several ways. Such as, successful game developers need to have multiple titles generating revenue. We can help with that! Apps need ease-of-discovery. We can help with that! Games need characters that kids KNOW and already have a relationship with, to transfer their love to the game from another well-loved format, such as a book! We can definitely help with that! [Return to question list.]

Q:    What can IBW offer in collaboration with my company?

A:    Experienced industry veterans: children’s authors, children’s TV show writers, animation screenwriters, animators, musicians, songwriters, voice actors, character design illustrators, education writers, educators and curriculum developers (preschool-grade 5). Literally, IBW brings 100s of years of experience in each respective field to bear upon all stages of development. [Return to question list.]

Q:    I have some story ideas, why would I need IBW?

A:    The answer to that would depend upon your goals. Do you want to be a game developer or a content developer? Quality content takes time AND people with very specific skills!


        But, even if you ARE a developer AND a children’s book author, and an animator, a musician, a voice talent, an educator and a child development expert, it is unlikely that you can produce apps fast enough to maintain a strong position in the marketplace. As quickly as new apps are entering the marketplace, how many thousands would launch between your last product and your next? [Return to question list.]

Q:    What age levels and types of projects does IBW have?

A:    IBW has 100-plus single titles. However, SERIES is where greater game opportunities will arise for the independent developer. Please take a look at IBW Spectrum of Series for an idea of our content. [Return to question list.]

Q:    Do you provide “big picture” for what you’re looking for?

A:    Yes, IBW will give you a Big Picture overview to help you assess a project before taking it on. [Return to question list.]

Q:    Do you have specific individual projects needing developers?

A:    Yes. [Return to question list.]

Q:    Would you accept new ideas for possible development from me?

A:    Yes. Using the IBW storytelling format, turning a game concept into a book series is a natural! [Return to question list.]

Q:    Can you create/provide content for something I’ve already developed?

A:    Probably not, but only because of the dynamics of such a situation. Once you COMPLETE an app, the time to bring on-board CONTENT DEVELOPERS is long past. Bring in your content and educational experts at the beginning of your concept and let the content raise the bar on your idea! [Return to question list.]

Q:    How will you be marketing and promoting what I do with you?

A:    With the full resources of IBW social media, marketing and distribution. In addition, you will receive (at no cost) a consultant to help you with your own PR needs. [Return to question list.]


If considering applying with IBW, please watch this video.


If you and the child within are best buddies,

please do apply to be an IBW Game Developer!





What to include in your initial email to IBW:


1) In SUBJECT LINE: Last Name, First Name followed by the *skill* you possess.

EX: SMITH, JOHN ~ Game Developer


2) In EMAIL TEXT, a short intro, with links to your work. (If you haven’t any links, complete application by answering questions below and wait for our contact re: how to receive a sample of your work. Please do not attach files to email. They will not be opened.)


3) In the EMAIL TEXT, please answer the following 5 inquiries. Brief 2-3 sentence answers are fine. Please number your responses accordingly. Yes, you may skip any questions you feel uncomfortable answering.


Your responses will help us determine if you would enjoy the IBW culture.



Please tell us about you! Tell us…

  • About your passion for creating children’s apps
  • THREE positive comments about your app(s) that you have received from consumers.
  • THREE things you discovered about the challenges of discovery regarding your app’s marketing success (or failure).
  • THREE content areas and/or educational skill objectives you would like an IBW collaboration to help you accomplish. (your general wish-list ~ nothing proprietary-specific!)
  • TWO of your career goals and TWO of your personal goals