IBWMultimedia uses a unique storytelling process when creating digital products for children
such as apps and ebooks. IBW stories are
so much more than simply animated books.

All IBW Multimedia  products are considered for inclusion in the IBW-VTC™ visual text literacy curriculum.

We presently have 300-plus titles in production, including 15 series. Launch is soon … and will include half of these numbers.

Acquisition and production of new concepts is ongoing. Our list is for levels 2-5 yrs, 4-6 yrs, 6-8 yrs, and 9-12 yrs.


A few FAQs about IBW: 





Q:  So IBW books are for the age range of 2-12 yrs, right?

A:  Yes and no. It would be erroneous to assume that a child on either end of that range would enjoy the same book. It would require that a 12 year old would eagerly read a story written to the understanding level of a 2 yr old.


     Age, developmental benchmarks, literacy levels, reader experiences, socialization, as well as personal interests, likes and dislikes ALL influence the appropriateness of a concept/story for an audience.


    Broad-strokes, IBW’s list includes:

    • Read-Aloud — (target audience 2-5 years) entertaining listening experience for small child
    • Beginning Reader — (target audience 5-7 years) low-level vocabulary can be read by a beginning reader
    • Chapter Level Readers — (target audience 7-9 years) vocabulary level grade 2.5 to 3.5
    • Beyond Chapter Level — (target audience 8-12 years) vocabulary level grade 4 [Return to question list.]

Q:  Is this just another “enhanced” animated e-book?

A:  No. Most e-books with animations come in one of two formats: animations with words across the bottom of the screen or words read by a narrator. IBW is neither of these. It is a totally new way of storytelling… and reading! [Return to question list.]

Q:  Visual Text Comprehension? Never heard of it! What is it?

A:  Visual Text Comprehension is the literacy of the digital age. In your own life today, what do you do more of: reading print text or viewing visual images?


     Now, what do you think will be more essential 30 years from today when today’s children are adults: print text comprehension skills or visual text comprehension skills?


     IBW-VTC™ is our curriculum for teaching visual text comprehension skills in context of traditional print literacy (reading, comprehension, etc). [Return to question list.]

Q:  Does IBW offer internships?

A:  No, IBW never offers positions for college credit and coffee. Every position with IBW is one that receives compensation, such as royalty and/or IP equity. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Do I get credit?

A:  Yes, all IBW Creatives get credit for their work. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Can I create IBW stories for other places?

A:  No. The IBW is a proprietary storytelling process. ONLY IBWMultimedia can produce products using the IBW storytelling process. Another company or individual producing an IBW product would result in legal action being taken. [Return to question list.]

Q:  Isn’t that a little extreme?

A:  No, not really. Yes, this does protect us as a company. But, it also protects our creatives by ensuring the strongest revenue-streams possible for the products they create. [Return to question list.]


Now, What about the Money?