If, when asked if you have a
digital content-integration strategy…
your answer is


We’ve done an e-book. We’ve got an app.”



What you have is an e-book and an app


but not a strategy for content-integration.




No longer do companies question whether e-books and apps will benefit their IPs and bottom line.


Rather, their questions now concern how to develop a content strategy for an array of digital products that remains true to the integrity of the brand and IPs.

There are objectives of content-continuity as well as significant creative-efficiency essential to design for the sustainability of IPs across multiple digital platform utilization. Content-unification in the integration of these operations must be pursued from concept if the desired return on investment is to be realized.






Q:    How does my company create and execute a comprehensive plan for positioning our property to fully utilize digital opportunities for new revenues, branding and marketing?

A:    The answer is: Content-Integration which makes each and every digital product independently unique yet  intricately a part of the whole. Only with content-integration of the storytelling across platforms will every  piece become a MUST HAVE product. [Return to question list.]

Q:    My company’s approach is to break content into bite-sized chunks.

A:    Bite-size chunks of anything isn’t very fulfilling. And kids are a very demanding, not-easily-impressed audience. Chunks of content also create an undefined, disjointed IP that is everywhere but lacks a solid presence anywhere. IBW builds IP continuity from concept through commerce. [Return to question list.]

Q:    What is a digital strategy for children’s IPs?

A:    A comprehensive digital strategy analyzes and implements new product development and existing IP segmentation, branding, marketing, social media, special market sales, and educational institution distribution. In short, a digital strategy decides upon all things BUT FOR the presentation of content. A digital strategy:

    • prioritizes digital opportunities for your IPs;
    • alters product models and their corresponding revenue dynamics;
    • selects appropriate technologies and service providers;  
    • creates distribution relationships;
    • establishes production relationships, and
    • explores paths for marketing and social media plans.

        Then, you need a strategy for comprehensive content-integration. [Return to question list.]

Q:    What is comprehensive content-integration?

A:    We define content-integration as the adoption of an approach in which content is conceived, created and transformed to seize each revenue opportunity afforded through digital delivery. A content-integration strategy can better brand your IPs, increasing the impact of overall marketing, social media and asset management. [Return to question list.]

Q:    What is the IBW approach to developing a digital content-integration strategy?

A:    Obviously, we cannot provide details on the internet! But, know that each strategy begins with IP concept development for all products across all platforms simultaneously. [Return to question list.]


The *old way* has been to create one product, then another, then another, but each conceived and created independent of any other product’s content.


That old way no longer works for a marketplace
where every product MUST exist independently…

YET all story must seamlessly work together.


If you do not think of content-integration from the first day of concept development, you have thought of it too late.

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