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The turnover factor of creatives coming and going

is death for creativity.


The more creatives work together, brainstorm

and grow in respect for each others’ creativity and skills,

the better their creation becomes!


Therefore, IBW seeks to have ZERO turn-over.


How can that be achieved?


First, IBW treats everyone with respect and offers generous sharing of IBW revenues. Second, IBW encourages ALL IBW Creatives to create with other IBW Creatives! Co-Creating produces greater creativity and can be a lot of fun, too!


Yes, when IBW Creatives create together, IBW will review the production for the IBW products that could evolve. For these products, the creative team is compensated as concept creators.


How to begin a collaboration?


  1. The Concept Originator should email IBW Editorial with a very short synopsis that includes a 1-2 sentence pitch, characters involved and what you wish to create (animated short, song, story, etc.)

This is so we can confirm that a similar concept is not already in development. This step ensures that you are not spending time on something that has no chance of acceptance.


  1. IBW Editorial will respond and, if a viable concept, will encourage you to pursue the Creatives you need to move forward. (Examples: An animator might need music for a music video concept. A songwriter might need a musician for song lyrics. A musician might need a songwriter and animator to create a short animation based upon their idea. An animator, songwriter and musicians might need an IBW author to turn their concept in a book.)

  2. The Concept Originator again writes IBW Editorial. This time to detail the specific IBW Creatives needed and for what creative function(s).
  1. IBW Editorial reads over the needs and will post the needs at the IBW CREATIVES SEEKING IBW CREATIVES box. This enables everyone easy access to reviewing potential collaboration projects.

  2. Once the concept evolves into something that can be test-marketed, IBW will conduct test-marketing to determine the potential of the property. Hopefully, kids everywhere fall in love with the concept! Immediately ALL team members are issued contracts for full-on production of the concept.

  3. Yes, everyone gets a contract! This is a team effort! IBW policy applies here as well: everyone who contributes gets royalty and IP equity on the products they help to create.


IBW is focused upon creating and maintaining a cohesive creative culture.


Focus on our Creatives enables us to adapt quickly

to a rapidly changing industry and marketplace… and 

the even faster changing desires of IBW’s young consumers!